Corporate Planning

Tax Arrangement / Implementation

As a firm, we aim at providing a high standard tax advice, whether in the perspective of large financing transactions or innovative tax arranging opportunities arising from new tax legislation. As taxpayers, a tax is a major concern for clients and there are potential ways of major savings which are attained through intelligently designed actions.

International Tax Planning

We offer assistance on the operation and benefits of double tax treaties, international trusts, inheritance and estate development. We provide guidance and assistance to clients with the start-up process in order to form the right company or trust structure. We can offer a full administration service to meet the statutory requirements of that company or structure. We also undertake the management of the structure on an on-going basis.

Advantages Of An Offshore Trust:

What is a trust? It is an arrangement by which property is transferred from one person (the Settlor) to another person (the Trustee) who holds the property for the benefit of specific people (the Beneficiaries). The terms and conditions under which the Trustees hold the trust assets are set out in a Trust Deed which also outlines the rights of the Beneficiaries.

Before deciding to set up a trust it is important that you obtain advice and guidance from an experienced consultancy firm to ensure that you create the most suitable trust in the most appropriate jurisdiction to meet your requirements.

International Tax Planning
Wealth protection

An effective way to protect one's assets is by creating a Trust. since any assets transferred to a trust are normally no longer considered to be part of the Settlor’s property. By creating an offshore trust the burden of property ownership is shifted onto the trustee. At the same time the benefit of the property remains with the beneficiaries. When a trust is registered in an offshore jurisdiction where the residents of that jurisdiction are excluded from receiving benefit from the offshore trust, then no local taxes are applicable to the assets and income of that trust. The assets which can be placed in a trust can include anything which can be legally transferred, like:

Bank deposits


Property (real or intellectual)


Life assurance policies issued on the life of the Settlor


Tax planning

An offshore trust that is set up and managed in the right way could lead to savings in taxes (income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax)

Recognised in all common law jurisdictions

Can be tailored to specific needs

Services offered

Advice and guidance

Establishment and administration of an offshore trust

Provision of Trustees and related services

Accounting and maintenance of asset ledgers

Reporting and filing required