EU License Support: Structuring, License Applications And Full Activation.
Investment Firm Structuring and full authorisation support in Cyprus

Forex and Binary Options

Asset Management, Investment Advisory

Brokerage and Trading on Own Account

UCITS Licenses in Cyprus

Fund Management Company


AIFMD Licenses in Cyprus

Fund Management Company

AIF Funds, umbrella funds and Compartments

China Compliant fund structuring

ASP License support in Cyprus for fiduciary firms

License obtainment

Procedural manual preparation

Training of staff

PSP Licenses in Cyprus

PSP Full licensing

E-money licensing

TPP Licensing and testing

Introduction to gateways

Banking: licensing and structural support

Cyprus full bank or branch

E-Gaming And E-Gambling: License Support And Full Activation

Alderney and Isle of Man license and full administration support from Cyprus

Curacao licenses with payment gateway and bank setup

AML, Compliance And Risk Support

Regulatory Authorities (Commissions and Central Banks)

International Banking Units

To Investment Companies

Fund Management Companies

Fund Administration Companies

Stand Alone Funds

Listed Companies

Fiduciary Companies

Corporate Service Providers

E-Gaming and E-Gambling licensees Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

Corporate Finance Support

Securitisation vehicles and capital raising

Support banking reports and financing deals

Structuring loans and obtaining financing solutions globally

Banking solutions to corporate structures

Business plans to obtain corporate financing

Mergers and Acquisitions support

Counterparty arrangements for settlements

Venture Capital business plans and capital raising

Real Estate Fund solutions for Asian REITs

Fund capital raising, distribution and marketing solutions

Assistance with Escrow deals